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Who are DB and Yurra

Company Overview

DB Yurra  Industrial Construction Services are your trade and business service specialists with a social conscience. Created in 2014, DB Yurra is a unique collaboration between two organisations that share a common goal: a commitment to building a secure future for Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Delivering high quality, tailor-made construction and business services across a range of projects, DB Yurra provides local Indigenous and non-Indigenous people unrivaled access to skilled employment opportunities within the mining, mechanical, structural and electrical sectors. We have the capability to deliver on any project regardless of size, location or complexity.

At DB Yurra Industrial Construction Services we work hard to deliver you with cost effective, sustainable solutions, without compromising standard or safety. We use our collaborative capacity to provide clients with fast, efficient and cost effective solutions tailor-made to meet the specific requirements.

Our services represent industry best practice in our core service areas of safety, sustainability and reliability. We are here to provide you with the superior solution.

Our Objective

Delivering high quality industrial and construction service packages, while providing a long term legacy for local communities and local businesses, is our core objective.

We are committed to developing a comprehensive workforce where the diversity and uniqueness of Indigenous cultures and skills is valued and recognised.

We recognise the opportunity and value in developing employment and educational strategies to create pathways for Indigenous communities and we are committed to providing continual upskilling, growth and development opportunities to all employees.

We are in the business of empowering Indigenous communities and local people through employment and are here to guide, support and mentor local people to succeed in the short term and leave a long-term legacy for future generations.

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