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The Three C’s


The Culture section conducts heritage surveys, which involve Yindjibarndi people and Elders
working with companies that want to operate on Yindjibarndi land. Staff go out on country visits to identify and record cultural sites that the Elders hold as significant relating the stories, songs and religious practices to the particular locations. This information has been progressively documented through mapping and video recording since 1999 and represents one of the finest collections of Aboriginal history in the country. Information is archived for reference for all Yindjibarndi people and is utilized in the Native Title and Aboriginal Heritage processes to protect important sites from mining and other such land use activities.


The Community section works with Yindjibarndi people to improve access to services, education and training. YAC assists our local communities
Cheeditha and Ngurrawanna by providing government assistance and access to funding for community development. YAC also oversees the administration of Ngaarda Media an important
part of the community which provides local content to the Gumula Radio network and plans
to broadcast full time using its own radio license later in 2014. YAC and Ngaarda Media are well
advanced with plans to begin operating a digital television service providing local content to the Roebourne, Wickham and Karratha areas.


The Commercial section is tasked with building the financial wealth of the Yindjibarndi people through sound investments and the development of community owned property assets and
businesses that will provide capital growth and wealth creation on one hand whilst delivering employment, training and career development
opportunities for Yindjibarndi people for the immediate and longer term future.

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